Inidan Jones Meets the Internet Game

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Think you have a litttle Sherlock Holmes in you? Or maybe a little Indiana Jones?. The next time you look at a story on digg or visit any site you just might be looking at a clue that leads to some real cash with some adventure. No kidding. right now theres a clue on Digg that leads to real treasure ($500 or more). The site – Joedetective is part novel. part game. part community. Brain child of the new startup Adverspin the company is betting that the time has come to do more with communities than talk and share media. The company believes that the world is ready for a community of would be treasure hunters/ detectives who want to use their intellect to win real cash and create content for the world’s first community guided entertainment series.

“We think the next step for social networks is for people to do things together and compete against each other. Its what happens in real life. People don’t just meet to talk in real life. They also meet to play a game, watch a movie or even to sip a cup of coffee together. In our case we want to provide a place for the closet detective or spy which is almost all of us. We also want to create a place for creative people to create videos and other content for a story told online not just a jumbled assortment of media like other sites . ”

Joe detective contests aren’t a one time promotion. Its the basis for the site. Members follow links across the Internet hunting down vital clues to solve mysteries tied together by the ongoing story line. Much like a treasure hunt the person to finish all the the chapters assignments amd solves the mystery first wins the prize. Would be treasure hunters don’t just vie for the each contest but several grand prizes through the year based on being the best detective. They also get prizes for presenting theories about real crimes or mysteries in the real world. The sites the “Joe detectives visit won’t need to add anything to their content. Instead the story clues are built around their existing content. Its advertising of sorts for the sites visited but a part of the community process for the visitors. What the company calls “Immersive advertising”.

“”People don’t mind if companies become involved in helping build a community. What they don’t like is when companies detract or distract from the community. In our case Sponsors have already created the clues that guide the community to its next prize. They help community memers to get paid.. Rather than just clicking a banner ad and then clicking away our members actaully want to learn about the site the clues are located on”

The story of Joe Detective (where the “Joe” is you) for now is text based like reading a blog or a book but Adverpsin is enlisting the help of it community to create real video content built around their story line. Possibly making it the first online fiction video series. The same community will shape the story itself and even go outside the story to create new plots and characters.

“its really a hybrid of entertainment. It will laways have a novel feel to it while utilizing video content and being guided by the community itself. There are no limits to where the story can go.”

A unique concept. Will it fly or flop? that mystery remains for the moment unsolved.

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